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Value Mindset

Customer value and pricing transformations can take many years. They usually start with the deployment of tools, methods, and systems. They also focus on skills and competences. Most companies have successful initial stages of transformation. For many of them and after 18 months, the process starts to slow down and transformations can be stuck in a zone of good intentions or derail all together. This book focuses on the critical element of a customer value transformation: the mindset. Mindset is everything. It is the difference between trying tools and systems versus adopting and assimilating them.   In this book, I proposes a model focused on mindset transformation to allow for sustained transformation efforts and potentially to accelerate the pace of value transformations. This model is based on many value and pricing transformations I conducted as a Coach and Consultant. It is 206 pages long and full of tips and techniques.   buy-amazon

Dollarizing Differentiation Value

This book is a practical guide to design and deploy value-based pricing in B2B organizations. It is organized around the six steps of value-based pricing and proposed practical actions, tools, and analysis to go through the six steps. The book also covers the cultural and business requirements to operationalize value-based pricing in organizations.   This is not a theoretical essay. It is destined to practitioners who want to get started with the journey towards pricing and value excellence. It is 247 pages long. buy-amazon

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