B2G Pricing

Best Practices in Business-to-Government Pricing Strategies

B2G Pricing is the 10th book by Stephan M. Liozu on the topic of pricing and customer value management. This volume focuses on the topic of business-to-government (B2G) pricing and, more specifically, on best practices for pricing differentiated, high-value, and complex offers to government procurement entities. In 22 chapters organized in four sections-pricing, value-based pricing, price-to-win, and innovation in pricing-the book combines Dr. Liozu’s experience in the area of B2B pricing with his many years of experience in the B2G pricing world.

It also contains valuable contributions from experts in the field who’ve spent decades in government contracting and pricing: Katie Ashton, CGI Dennis Berg, Shipley Associates Michele Flynn, SIREAS LLC Andreas Hinterhuber, Università Ca’ Foscari Kim Kelly, Knowledge Link Alex King, Amplio Services Marsha Lindquist, Granite Leadership Strategies Michael Mansard, Zuora Scott Miller, Miller Advisors Larry Newman, Shipley Associates Michael O’Guin, Knowledge Partner Emmanuel Poidevin, e-Attestations.com Chris Street, Thales UK Kate Vitasek, University of Tennessee.


Monetizing Data

A Practical Roadmap to Frame, Price, and Sell B2B Digital Offers

The Digital revolution promises trillions of dollars in created value by 2030. Consultants and researchers are projecting massive and disruptive disruption in entire industrial sectors. As a results, PwC reports in their DigitalIQ report that 73% of executives say that they are investing in internet of things (IoT) and 54% in artificial intelligence. ABB predicts that 33 billion things or objects will be connected to the internet by 2020. So we are experiencing a deluge of digital investments, programs, and large-scale transformations.

Yet, and despite this tsunami of activities, in 2017, Cisco reported that 60% of IoT Initiatives stall in the Proof of Concept phase and that only 26% of companies have had an IoT initiative that they consider a success. In 2017, Siemens also revealed that less than a fifth (18%) of surveyed companies analyze more than 60% of production data they collect. Finally, Simon-Kucher & Partners (SKP) reports that 3 out of 4 firms that invested in digitalization in the past 3 years fail in their efforts due to the lack of monetization strategies, the focus on the wrong priorities, the lack of customer intimacy, and the neglect of digital pricing best practices. In fact, only 18% of these firms are true digital heroes.

Despite the high level of interest and investments, the reality is that most companies are just getting started. The digital champions are not yet reaping the fruit of their investments. Most companies tend to struggle with the process of designing digital business models, with the development of truly differentiated offers, and with the monetization and pricing of their data-based offers.

This book focuses on the topics of data monetization and of the value-based pricing of data-driven offers. The authors introduce a newly-developed practical data monetization roadmap that can be used by digital project teams, incubators, and digital factories to better frame their offers and to apply the principles of value-based pricing. They present options in digital pricing models and practical guidelines on how to deploy them.

Readers will learn:

  1. The various monetization and value creation models for data-enabled offers
  2. The 8 steps of the data monetization framework
  3. The best practices in designing differentiated data-enabled offers
  4. The value-based pricing of data and options in digital pricing models
  5. Business model implications of switching from ownership to consumption model

Value Mindset

Customer value and pricing transformations can take many years. They usually start with the deployment of tools, methods, and systems. They also focus on skills and competences. Most companies have successful initial stages of transformation. For many of them and after 18 months, the process starts to slow down and transformations can be stuck in a zone of good intentions or derail all together. This book focuses on the critical element of a customer value transformation: the mindset. Mindset is everything. It is the difference between trying tools and systems versus adopting and assimilating them.   In this book, I proposes a model focused on mindset transformation to allow for sustained transformation efforts and potentially to accelerate the pace of value transformations. This model is based on many value and pricing transformations I conducted as a Coach and Consultant. It is 206 pages long and full of tips and techniques.   buy-amazon

Dollarizing Differentiation Value

This book is a practical guide to design and deploy value-based pricing in B2B organizations. It is organized around the six steps of value-based pricing and proposed practical actions, tools, and analysis to go through the six steps. The book also covers the cultural and business requirements to operationalize value-based pricing in organizations.   This is not a theoretical essay. It is destined to practitioners who want to get started with the journey towards pricing and value excellence. It is 247 pages long. buy-amazon

Pricing and the Sales Force


Pricing and the Sales Force is the first book to link pricing strategy and the sales force together. Pricing strategy is now well established as an important means of driving profits for many organizations. Countless companies are now mastering price-setting. But what about “price-getting” – converting those list prices into the realized sales, and as a result, greater profitability? This is the domain of the sales force.

A selection of the world’s leading specialists explore different aspects of sales force and pricing strategy integration:

  • Introduction: overview on the state of the art
  • Building key capabilities: best practices for building sales force capabilities in pricing and value quantification
  • Engaging the sales force: driving organizational change processes with the sales force
  • Designing effective selling processes: designing and implementing processes that enable superior performance
  • Aligning sales force incentives and building the infrastructure: insights into how to align sales force incentive schemes; tools and instruments to enable the sales force to perform.

The third in Hinterhuber and Liozu’s successful pricing series, this book is essential reading for pricing strategy and sales scholars and practitioners.


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