You want people to pay more attention to pricing and to remember basic concepts? Then just make them laugh. Pricing videos and cartoons are the best way to lighten up presentations and pricing discussions. They inject a dose of fun and humor in what can be heavy-duty discussions. Without going overboard of course, I find pricing cartoons to be the best way to carry important messages to an audience. However, the availability of pricing comics or cartoons is very limited. I started my own collection and could not come up with more than three dozen good ones. The best ones are from the creator of Dilbert of course! So a while back, I decided to create my own pricing cartoon stories and to make the available to the pricing profession. So far I created two dozen pricing stories and found a great cartoonist to transfer them into comic strips. Her name is Iris and she is the real artist behind all of this. The inspiration for the stories came from all the unique, crazy, and sometimes irrational situations we encounter in the pricing field. The pool of stories is growing fast and new ideas pop up at every conference and with every encounter with fellow pricing professionals.

I am writing this short essay to introduce the recurrent characters so that you could recognize them in future stories. Other characters will be added from time to time or when needed. But the Pricing Managers, the CEO, the Sales Manager, the Marketing Manager, the Procurement Manager, the Pricing Team will be sharing their fun pricing stories with us. CharactersPricingCartoons So I hope you enjoy them and circulate them widely. Feel free to use widely to create some laughter and team spirit. Please send Iris and I some feedback. Send me some stories you might wish to be added to the collection. At the end each year, an eBook will be assembled with all stories and sold for a symbolic amount in my store. Pricing should be more fun. Let us create a buzz together. Thanks. Stephan & Iris