In addition to writing my own blog, I have decided to contribute to already successful blogs in the areas of pricing and value management. For the past few months, I have been blessed by the reception to my guest blogs on the LeveragePoint Innovation site (LPI), the Professional Pricing Society site (PPS) and on the Pricing Leadership site managed by PROS Pricing. I will continue to promote the pricing agenda by contributing to these blogs and others as they invite me. Game Changing Discoveries and Willingness-to-pay (12/11/2012 on LPI)

When Data Does Not Give you the Expected Answers (12/06/2012 on Pricing Leadership)

Pains and Gains of Pricing (11/15/2012 on PPS)

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Why You Should Seriously Consider Earning your CPP Designation (09/06/2012 on PPS)

The Power of Value Modeling in the Pricing Council (08/17/2012 on LPI)

Data Preparation and Extraction are Key Before Data Optimization (08/09/2012 on Pricing Leadership)

Value Modeling Creates Sustainable Value-based Pricing (08/06/2012 on LPI)

Ask the Expert (07/27/2012 on LPI)

Does Your Company Need a Chief Value Officer? (07/24/2012 on LPI)

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Pricing Myths: Alive and Kicking (05/14/2012 on LPI)

The Need for More Academic Research in Pricing (05/10/2012 on PPS)

The Power of Pricing with Mid-sized Companies (04/19/2012 on Pricing Leadership)

Managing Complexity in Pricing and Value Management (04/18/2012 on LPI)

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Ask the Expert (04/02/2012 on LPI)

Designing and Pricing Social Innovations (03/15/2012 on Pricing Leadership)

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Pricing Skills of Today and Tomorrow (02/03/2012 on PPS and LPI)

Selling Investments for Value-based Pricing (01/19/2012 on LPI)

I am interested in writing with other experts and diffuse knowledge. Please contact me at if you would like to co-write short essays to publish as guest blogs.