Innovation in Pricing

Finally, a book that gives dozens of examples of innovative pricing. Even one idea that grabs your attention can create a fortune.

Philip Kotler, S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, USA

Getting a fair price for a superior offer should be value based. We at SKF believe that clearly demonstrated sustainable measured value is a cornerstone of gaining competitive advantage for industry as a whole. We want our customers to be profitable and successful. This book is a must read to those who want raise the level of performance of their enterprise to become a valuable contributor to the business sector they work in.

Vartan Vartanian, President, Industrial Market, Regional Sales & Service of SKF, Sweden

The very premise of this book, that great pricing is driven by active “innovation”, not passive “optimization”, is itself innovative. This book is a chronology of value-based pricing innovations that have made some companies more profitable. It is both a source of inspiration and a guide to pricing more creatively and, therefore, more profitably. I hope it will prove inspirational to those who have heretofore lagged behind.

Tom Nagle, Senior Advisor of Monitor and Author of The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing, USA

From historical perspectives to the latest strategies, innovations, metrics, and research, Innovation in Pricing – Contemporary Theories and Best Practices covers a wide range of important pricing topics from leaders in industry, academia, and expert content providers. It is this breadth in both subject matter and varied viewpoints that make this book a unique, valued resource for those who wish to drive results for their companies.

Kevin Mitchell, President of The Professional Pricing Society, USA

An understanding of the mechanics of pricing is one of the key weak spots in the skill sets of those responsible for revenue generation – be they marketers or salespeople. I’ve waited a long time for a book that successfully opens up the mysteries of innovative pricing.

David Thorp, Director of The Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK

At TrueFit, we believe that innovation is essential for people to thrive, and an essential ingredient in a thriving marketplace is a compelling value exchange. Too often, in settling for outdated or overly simplistic pricing models, we compromise the very client relationships we seek to elevate. Thank you for inspiring us to take a creative and intentional approach to our pricing and for clearly demonstrating the dramatic potential it holds to improve our client experience.

Darrin Grove, CEO TrueFit Solutions Inc., USA 

A timely collection of contemporary insights about pricing’s continuing evolution. An important work helping to strengthen the bridge between academia and industry. This book offers just the right mix of pricing innovation examples from industry along with modern day academic research. A great encapsulation of current thinking new ideas and a must have for every pricing book collection.

Richard Cardot, Simon Graduate School of Business, University of Rochester, USA 

The brilliance of Innovation in Pricing is the ease with which Hinterhuber and Liozu bridges the vexing scholar-practitioner chasm by striping complex pricing ideas down to their pragmatic utility. By introducing innovative dimensions for thinking strategically about how components of the pricing mix can be optimized, their book is an essential read for executives and consultants in search of new combinations to revitalize the pricing function as a source of competitive advantage and value creation.

Nnaoke Ufere, CEO of iServiceX, Inc., USA

Companies spent vast amount of resources in R&D, engineering and marketing while, most of the time, neglecting their pricing and value strategies. This book shows that pricing is a critical dimension of marketing strategies and that pricing innovation can bring the best out of these strategies. It also emphasizes the multi-dimensional nature of pricing which requires innovation, creativity and breakthrough thinking.

Andreas Ising Schulze, CEO of Advanced Polymer Technology Corp., USA

Innovation in Pricing presents a refreshing and optimistic outlook for pricing – one that is pragmatic yet creative. The book guides innovation and related best practices based on real situations facing pricing which makes it a must-have for senior managers.

Navdeep S. Sodhi, Sodhi Pricing and Author of Six Sigma Pricing, USA

Quite often, pricing discussions are simply a formality in strategic planning and budgeting sessions. But this book demonstrates the importance and value of strategic pricing initiatives. In today’s highly competitive markets, innovative pricing strategies could very well provide companies with the edge they need to succeed.

Al Neupaver, President and CEO of Wabtec Corporation, USA

Our experience advising high tech startups has exposed us to innovation across the business spectrum – business models, products and technology. This book makes it clear that the often overlooked element of pricing is overdue for a bit of innovation as well. This book leaves no element overlooked – it addresses the organizational, strategic, tactical and psychological elements of pricing. It is a must have resource for both scholars and practitioners.

Martin L. Abbott & Michael T. Fisher, AKF Partners, USA

Hinterhuber and Liozu represent a clear and steady voice in the movement to elevate the discipline of pricing to its rightful place…one that is strategic, with plenty of opportunity for innovation and value creation.

Justin McElhattan, CEO of Industrial Scientific, USA

Andreas Hinterhuber’s and Stephan Liozu’s book Innovation in Pricing is a ground-breaking book on pricing theory and practice- a topic which influences each firm’s bottom line but rarely is addressed as a key topic in academic research in marketing or strategy. Their collection demonstrates the unique value that practitioner oriented scholarship can offer to the management theory and practice. It highlights well how the best practitioner scholars now truly create new vibrant interdisciplinary fields that demonstrate the value of problem oriented research and yet rely on rigorous academic scholarship. It represents an example of the best research we have generated in our practitioner oriented Doctor of Management program over the last years. I warmly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about practitioner oriented management scholarship in general and new innovative models and competencies of pricing in particular.

Kalle Lyytinen, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University , USA

I really enjoyed reading this book as it is one of the very few books written from a true marketing angle and giving a real attractiveness to pricing theory. Consistent with the definition of an innovation, the authors suggest to CHANGE THE RULE of pricing and display a comprehensive list of pricing strategies to align price and value. Congratulations for this revolution in pricing!

Paul Millier, EM Lyon, France

This book is full of the latest pricing strategies practicing executives and researchers on marketing have to know.

Atsuo Utaka, Kyoto University, Japan